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New mommy to my son, Elijah Ryan. Wife to my husband and best friend, Nick. New homeowner and HGTV obsessed. Wedding Planner for Two Be Wed. Avid Pinner. Lover of writing, books, movies, vampires (not the Twilight kind) and Harry Potter. Enjoys lazy days, coffee and spending time with my little family. Here to share my tales of mommyhood, marraige, love and life.

The Story of Us

It started as a high school crush.
Nick was a senior when I was a freshman at Cy Springs High School.
He was pretty well known for his musical abilities & was performing in the school's Battle of the Bands.
Being the immature freshman that I was, me & some girlfriends made t-shirts in support of Nick:
"I heart Nick Joseph"
(I still have the shirt.)
His current girlfriend did not appreciate our fan love, so it remained a high school crush.
Until 3 years later, when fate crossed our paths through mutual friends.
I had just graduated high school and was having friends over when a friend asked if I wanted to hang out with the infamous Nick Joseph. My response: "As if you know him. I mean, are you serious?"
5 minutes later, I was changed and out the door ready to reunite.
I jumped in his friends truck, and we said our hellos.
It happened to be his birthday the day before so I planted a birthday kiss on his cheek.
(smooth, I know)
6 months later, he asked me to be his girlfriend and to seal the deal with a New Years Eve kiss.
4 years and a baby later, we tied the knot & became...
 "Mr. & Mrs. Nick Joseph"