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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Farewell Pregnancy, Hello Baby

That's right this is my last pregnancy post before the little man arrives.
It's so surreal that tomorrow this time I'll be holding my son.
What brought about this sudden change is my weekly checkup revealed I had protein in my urine which is an indicator of preclampsia, high blood pressure in pregnancy.
Even though I dont' have high blood pressure the doctor wanted to induce to prevent future problems and because I'm well on my way.
2 cm dilated and 80% effaced as of Monday.
I went into the doctor hoping she would say something like, "Let's have a baby today" but I really was surprised when she meant it.
Pretty crazy too because I was just telling Nick earlier in the week that it would be cool to deliver on St. Patty's day.
Little did we know, luck was in our favor
& we will be delivering our own lucky charm tomorrow morning at 5 am.
I know I should be sleeping already but I feel like it's the first day of school tomorrow
& my nerves will probably prevent me from getting any sleep at all.
All in all, I'm pretty darn excited that the day has arrived and my little man will be in my arms finally.
So farewell pregnancy, it's been a pleasant experience and I can't say that I have any complaints
other than I'm really looking forward to sleeping on my tummy, seeing my feet again and being able to move freely.
But I will miss rubbing my tummy, and especially miss feeling Elijah moving around inside me.
It really is an indescribable bond.
Practically 37 Weeks
& my fellow prego, Elisa!

Dear Elijah,
I love you so much already.
You are so loved by so many.
 I can't wait to kiss your perfect face,
and hold you every night until you fall asleep.
Nothing has been more rewarding than becoming your mother.
I can't wait to meet you tomorrow.
I love you.
Love, Mommy

The next time I post Elijah Ryan will be here!
Please keep us in your prayers for a safe and smooth delivery!

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  1. Elijah, Lula can hardly wait to meet you. God bless you, Ashley and Nick. Sweet dreams tonight for tomorrow your dream comes true.

    Love to all three for you,