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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Blessing in the Rough

Today has been one of the more difficult days as a mother. Eli seems to be experiencing some growing pains so he does a lot of eating and sleeping, and in between he wants to be constantly held. Which limits my ability to do anything. At the end of the day, I was impatient, irritated and not so much fun to be around. But after a hot bath, I've had time to reflect on today and my attitude lately.

A fellow blogger and new mommy, Elisa Farrow, had a post this week about how being a mom is hard but many things could be harder. I am fortunate to have a healthy baby boy who is really and truly the best baby I could have ever asked for. Aside from today, he's always happy, rarely cries and the cutest thing to look at. He brightens every day and is the joy of my life. There are so many other mothers out there who have not been as fortunate as me, and unfortunately I get caught up in the moment and forget to see how blessed I really am. I've been guilty of allowing one bad moment ruin my whole day and I really hope to turn that around. It not only effects me as a mother but as a wife as well.

I know I've talked about how new my marriage is, but regardless of how long we've been married...Parenting is a true test of love for a marriage. The pastor from my church, The Waters, has been doing a sermon series on marriage and I haven't really had a chance to really soak in all that it has to offer but one thing that really stuck out to me is that we are husband and wife before we are parents. If we can't learn to communicate and love each other, then when the time comes for baby bird to fly the coop - we're screwed. And that is the last thing I want for my marriage. I've really been struggling to maintain a positive attitude lately and its been detrimental for my relationship. I've been down on myself because of how my body has changed post-baby and probably have had too much idle time, and honestly have become lazy when it comes to communicating.But the first step is admitting it, so here I am. I've witnessed the effects of bad communication and laziness can have on a marriage, and vowed to myself that I would never make the same mistakes.

So this is me airing my most intimate thoughts and faults to hold myself accountable to being more appreciative of my baby boy, to be less harsh on myself and try harder to be a better wife to my husband. Hopefully putting this into words and out in public will help me to be accountable. Because when it comes down to it, there is nothing bad about my life. I have a beautiful home, a loving family, loyal friends, a good education and a prospering job. What more could I girl ask for?

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  1. :) I love you Ashley. When did we grow up? It's good to acknowledge all these things. I know it's been hard for me to always be the most kind and submitting wife to my husband since Asher was born(submitting in the bibical sense which does not make us unequal in any way...just to clarify not for you but for any others who think submission is degrading.) Marriage and motherhood force one to become selfless even if sometimes we don't necessaryly want to in the moment.

    I will write you the questions who requested when I get a chance today or tomorrow. Right now Im off to take a warm bath myself :)