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Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy 3 Months & First Father's Day

Happy 3 Months (&oneweek) to My Munchkin Man.
He's perfect.
Doctors words.
@ 3 months:
13 lbs 2 oz.
23 3/4 inches long

I can't believe my beautiful, little boy is already 3 months. I don't know where time has gone but I wouldn't mind if it could just slow down. It's funny I always imagine what Eli will be like when he's older...will he love to read like I did as a child, will he learn to play guitar like his daddy, what sports will he want to play...I catch myself imagining and have to stop myself because this moment here and now will be gone tomorrow. And every day he'll grow closer to that little boy I imagined. I love the little things about him right now. How he mimicks the sounds we make. His smirkish smile. How he gobbles away at his little minature hands (newest development). How he constantly kicks like he's got somewhere to go. How badly he wants to laugh. These are the things that I love today and I'll miss tomorrow.

Speaking of firsts, Nick celebrated his first Father's day this past weekend. It was a very uneventful Father's day spent with family but it was a success nonetheless.

Nick is such an amazing father to Elijah.
He has the biggest heart & most of it is filled with love for our son.
I'm so grateful to have both of them in my life.
They fill me with such love & joy.


  1. he's so cute :) looks just like daddy!
    p.s. you're name is Ashley Lauren? my name is Lauren Ashlee! hahaha and our son's middle name is Elijah haha