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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beautiful Soul

I've been particularly dreading this past week because of the anniversary of a friend's death, Krysta Rodriguez, was Friday. I can't believe it has already been a year since she passed. I kept thinking back to the day I found out and could remember every single detail. It was hard for me then and still is. I don't think it's ever easy getting over losing someone you love. I still see her smile daily and wish so badly that she could have been at my wedding or be able to meet Elijah. But I know that because of her all of this is possible. She is my angel and has blessed me with everything I could have ever wanted. Elijah may never meet her but I will tell him about what a kind, loving, happy and beautiful soul she was. And I pray that he one day will befreind others and see life with the happiness that Krysta did.

R.I.P Krysta Michelle Rodriguez
9/9/1987 - 2/11/10
Always Missed but Never Forgotten

On a lighter note, I've been nesting like crazy lately. Not the cleaning kind of nesting but the craft kind. (If that kind even exists) I've had the urge to be artistic in any way I can. I'm currently in the process of making a baby scrapbook, an elephant mobile for his room and painted a ceramic elephant piggy bank with his name on the butt. (Too cute, I'll post pics soon) I love knowing that every item I make for him is made out of love and something he can have forever and one day pass down to his own kids. I'm getting ahead of myself, but still it's a great feeling being able to channel my love artisticly for my son. I also have officially ordered all of the furniture for his nursery! (YAY!! *sigh of relief*) I can't wait to get started on the nursery. I have so many cute ideas and am awaiting patiently to bring the image in my head to life. I will be sure to keep you posted during the process. Of course, we are waiting for Daddy to get home to put the crib together and hang the final pictures. So until then I will be cleaning, washing his adorable little clothes and organizing until I pop. Speaking of, I'm 33 weeks tomorrow :) We have a doctors appointment in the morning and I will defintely post what the doctor says. Until I will leave you with what I have so far of my elephant mobile:

I'm in love with it already.
(If it's not already obvious, I'm obsessed with elephants for Elijah's room. There's just something catchy about Eli the elephant or maybe just the fact that they both start with an "E".)

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